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i4 Business Development, LLC

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A summary of our services is as follows:

  • Interim Executive.  Do you have a short-term (3 - 24 months) need for temporary, full-time management talent to handle a crisis, critical project, or unexpected departure?  If so, hiring a qualified and experienced Interim Executive to manage that company, department, or function on a contract basis will allow business to continue uninterrupted while you secure a long-term solution. 
  • Part-time Executive for new ventures.  Start-ups always seem to need more talent than they can afford.  We can provide additional resources in product development, marketing, sales, operations, and/or finance on a part-time, contract basis for however many hours or days per week that you need.  We can also flex as your needs change, providing only what you need when you need it.  
  • Revenue, profit, and cash flow improvements.  If your business is not performing to your expectations, we can tell you why, create plans to fix the situation, and implement those plans to achieve the desired results.  We know how to separate the problems from the symptoms using a proven 90-day program that we have used in both manufacturing and service businesses.  
  • Turnaround and sell your business.  If you are seeking an exit, but buyers don't see the value, consider engaging us to increase the value and sell your business.  Again, using our 90-day program, we will evaluate your business, create the plans that will boost its value, and begin implementing the changes.  We can also identify, meet, and negotiate with potential buyers to close a deal. 
  • Technology commercialization.  We have provided leadership in evaluating new business concepts, planning strategies for commercialization, securing IP licenses, and contacting potential development partners and customers.  We have worked closely with universities and inventors to develop effective and efficient commercialization paths.
  • Lead and sales generation.  Need to generate revenue?  Who doesn't?  However, if you don't have the resources to find buyers and close deals, we can do that for you.  We can define and communicate your value proposition, identify potential customers, engage them with your story, work the shows, answer the phones, capture and qualify the leads, and negotiate and close the deals.